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In Mexico, “indoor” soccer fields are frequently built outdoors (though indoor courts are also used in some tournaments). The teams played one match per round until the final when the winner of the 2001 Euro Beach Soccer League was crowned. UEFA Champions League Statistics Handbook 2014/15. Union of European Football Associations. The Supporters’ Shield has been annually awarded at the MLS Supporters’ Summit since 1999 (with the winners between 1996 and 1998 awarded retroactively), and has been recognized as a major trophy by the league. In the championship game the San Gabriel Valley Highlanders upset regular season champions Jackson Chargers 3-2, taking the trophy to California for the third straight year. Decorate in black and white, classic good and evil colors, and play games where heroes battle villains — anything from a simple kids game of tag to a round of My Marvel Heroes Monopoly. Although there is no defined purpose of using these pins, but it is believed that they help the fans to associate with the game and for recognizing their favorite team players. Actors and actresses are popular, glam it up as a rock star or dip into a favorite author or historical figure.

Think blacks, reds and purples when decorating: candles, dried red roses, black lights and lush fabrics are good choices. Blacks, greys and reds along with pale faces and dark undereye circles are de rigueur among the gothic crowd — draw inspiration from the Addams family, Lily Munster, Dracula or characters from the “Twilight” book and movies. Host a gothic ball this Halloween — it might be gothic romance or gothic horror but either way it’s dark-themed. Put together a playlist of party music from classic Halloween-y films; think songs like Ghostbusters (from “Ghostbusters”), Weird Science (from “Weird Science”) and Time Warp (from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”) to get people in a frightfully festive mood before and after the flicks. Science of Music. “Why does my singing sound so great in the shower?” Exploratorium. Play scary sounds or music in the background — a well-placed scream can make the night.

Don’t forget gelatin mixes can be molded into pretty much any part you have in mind. I can see the appeal of having the pitcher hit, but it’s just more fun to have another strong hitter in the lineup. It can quickly burn your exposed skin, like frostbite. Hosting a “canni-ball” is all about the food, and all the food is shaped like human body parts. A bloody punch consisting of cranberry juice, soda and a little extra red food coloring. To set the food mood, buy a plastic skeleton and lay him out on a buffet table — or parts of him, at least. Pin pattern on burgundy felt, and cut out. His shot was cleared only for Gerrard to cross in from the right wing, which Sami Hyypiä headed towards goal producing a save out of Dida. From the iconic image of Emmett Till’s mutilated body to the now-legendary shot of sanitation workers standing shoulder to shoulder in Memphis, Tennessee, carrying signs that read, “I Am a Man,” Withers’ photos spread awareness about the injustice of Black America. It is able to locate money by using its mustache as a radar, and when money is found, Ganemon consumes it, causing its body to grow in size.

When using it as part of your Halloween ambience, be sure to wear gloves when handling. Raise the dead on Halloween by inviting friends and family to come to dressed as their favorite celebrity — favorite dead celebrity, that is. Invite your guests to come dressed as their alter-ego: a favorite villain or hero from the movies, TV or books (including comics). Invite your ghoulfriends — believers or not — to a paranormal party and edge that percentage a little higher. Also consider having some stencils on hand for anyone who may need a little inspiration. Beppe Di Corrado (15 May 2009). “Diego Milito”. May 17, 1983: The first patent to be associated with the abbreviation “RFID” was granted to Charles Walton. They are new exercises you may not have heard about. Have kids and parents vote for whose jack-o-lantern is the scariest, the funniest, the weirdest, or whatever categories you decide upon. Hosting a party for kids? In 1847, Brigham Young and the Mormon pioneers departed from the Oregon Trail at Fort Bridger in Wyoming and followed (and much improved) the rough trail originally recommended by Lansford Hastings to the Donner Party in 1846 through the Wasatch Mountains into Utah.

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